FOU Studios


Self-Tape Sessions


We provide a camera operator and reader, unlimited takes, and in-house quick-turnaround editing.

  • 30 mins = $40
  • 60 mins = $75

If a session goes over the scheduled timeframe, the charge is $40 per 30 minutes


Voiceover Reads

We provide unlimited takes with play-back and in-house editing with a sound engineer. Sides can be provided upon request. Reel options include narration, commercial, or character.

  • $75 per individual reel per 60 minutes
  • $200 per bundle reel (includes all 3 options) per 180 minutes


Coaching Sessions

We provide a 1-on-1 sit-down with our qualified acting coaches to help you work on audition sides or scene work.

  • $40 per 30 minutes
  • $75 per 60 minutes


Editing Services

We’re willing to work with you on whatever your editing needs require.

  • $100 per 1 minute of final edited footage

FOU Studios Podcast Network


Behind Too Blondes takes you behind the scenes of what it’s really like to pursue your dreams. Each week, the award winning comedy duo “Too Blondes”, Savannah and Chase, interview a 20 something year old who’s found success in a creative field.

Old Timey Shakespeare

Face Off Unlimited in association with Avon Public Radio is extremely pleased to bring you an unearthed treasure. A part time custodial engineer at the now defunct WBRD Radio Station found a box filled with old recordings and reels from the 30s and 40s. These recordings included gems from the past full of humor, tragedy, romance, and mystery. Miraculous finds, they have some of the most elongated and onanistic performances we’ve ever heard in a radio play. “From the Vault” on APR is excited to present them in their original serial format. Please, sit back and enjoy – Modern Shakespeare Radio.

Big Brother On The Slop

Hosted by Big Brother (CBS) Super-Fans, Chrissie Kahler and Linda Tex, the BBOTS Podcast is your one-stop spot for who won HOH, who got nominated, who won Veto, and all the SPOILERS you need. This show is for anyone who wants to be a “live-feeder” but doesn’t have the time. Get the scoop on Wednesday in 20 minutes! New Episodes Mondays on iTunes & SoundCloud.


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America’s new progressive voice, Chris Hahn is a democratic political strategist who you can see all the time going toe to toe with those conservatives on Fox News, and is the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Chris Hahn Show. Each week, FOU Studios will be releasing a commercial free podcast version of his show, recorded live at 103.9 FM here in NY.

Geek XP

Join Peter the Geek on his quest to level up as he interviews experts in various fields. From plant geneticists to pro cosplayers, Peter and his team of co-hosts talk with them about their geeky passions, the applications of their knowledge in fictional settings, and much much more! You can follow us @yourGeekXP to learn more and earn some bonus GXP. Co-Hosts include: GMJC (John Charles Ceccherelli), #Killjosh (Josh Goergen), Bill Murray (Kira Redznick), Soup Man (Stephen Campbell), and Brittles (Brittany Moran) Want to support the show while earning even MORE bonus GXP? Our Patreon has all sorts of bonus content and other fabulous prizes. Join our party at

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