The only show with the punchlines that hit hard enough to follow BATSU! This is stand-up comedy, improv, and games… FOU style! With prizes, audience interaction, and NYC’s funniest comics, The BATSU! Laughter Party is taking over Wara once the BATSU! punishments have stopped. Hosted by national headlining comic and FOU member William Kean. NO DRINK MINIMUMS.NO DRINK or FOOD MINIMUMS

Menu/Bar Available

Laughter Party Vol 1 - the comedy album

FOU is proud to announce that the best stand-up sets from the past year have officially launched in Laughter Party Vol 1! This album covers everything: sororities, ex’s, meditation, mothers, groceries, Taiwan, breakfast for dinner and more! Catch some of the best up and coming comedians from the indie NYC comedy scene.

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Laughter Party Comics
William Kean
Malorie Bryant
Gabriel Marshall
Chase O’Donnell
Gianmarco Soresi
Gregory Lotsvin
Sumant Gupta
Josh Goergen
Tim Alexander
Too Blondes
Kenneth Haskins
Jonathan Gregg
Peter Hargarten
Chrissie Kahler
Brittany Moran
Otter Lee
Julia Devienne